coffee courses

Kaffeine is regarded as one of the leading cafes in the U.K. for the quality of the espresso coffee we serve every day and our baristas are regarded as some of the best in the business. Our team are all professionals with an in-depth knowledge of coffee and a minimum of three years experience on an espresso machine. These courses will allow you into the world of the working barista, teaching you either latte art skills or, working with you in a one on one class.

Courses are held at our new store at 15 Eastcastle Street, W1T 3AY from 7 pm to approx. 9.30 pm. You will be trained and working on the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric espresso machine, one of only three in the U.K. and currently rated as the best espresso machine in the world.

If you are attending, we recommend you have a bite to eat beforehand, though we will provide you with light snacks from our menu.

We will also provide you with a handout based on the class with notes and tips and tricks to take home with you, with brew recipes for the most popular filter coffee styles including aeropress, French press, V60 and cold brew.

latte art classes

Have you ever wondered ‘how do they do that?’ The picture of a fern (rosetta), the tulip or the love heart on top of your coffee? How do they make it look so simple? Well, hours of practice helps, but also being taught by other professionals helps too. If you have your own espresso machine at home, or just wish to have some fun and learn how to do it, then our specialised latte art course is for you.

In this course we cover the basics of espresso, and then really go full on into milk production, temperatures, microfoam, pouring and artwork. This very hands on course, where for at least half the lesson you will be pouring your own latte art or coaching others along the way, is a great way to master the base knowledge of latte art so you can use it at home or get started in your own cafe.

Courses are held fortnightly, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month

From 7 pm to 9:30 pm • cost £50 per person. Light refreshments will be served.

Dates for courses to be held at 15 Eastcastle Street are:

October 4th - 2017
October 18th - 2017
November 1st - 2017
November 15th- 2017
November 29th - 2017
December 13th - 2017

Bookings can be made in person in store,
or by calling us direct and paying over the telephone.

Phone: 0203 730 5878

Each class has a maximum of six students per group and two of our baristas and you will be using our commercial espresso machine the Black Eagle Gravimetric and the Mythos One grinder.

one on one classes

This course is the ideal gift to yourself or from a loved one if you want to get really involved in what goes on behind the espresso machine. Our lead barista will spend two hours with you going over all the main components of grind adjustment, espresso making, milk texturing and latte art. This course is ideal for someone who wants an experience into coffee, who makes your own coffee at home or is just fascinated and loves the art of espresso making.

Classes are available as and when required, as long as we are available as well. Enquiries are best made via email, please suggest a few dates that you might be available and we will then get back to you with confirmation.

Classes run from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. Cost £130 per person.

Phone: 0207 580 6755

Cancellation Policy: Courses may be changed or cancelled with full refund with a minimum 7 days notice of the course date. Any changes to your booking within 7 days of the course date will not be available for a refund.

home recipes

We have developed these recipes for the Cold Brew, French Press, the v60 Pourover and the Aeropress so that you are able to make amazing filter coffee at home, with ease. It really is just following a recipe and using great ingredients and simple, inexpensive equipment. If you are in store and have any queries, please feel free to ask.

Please click here to view our coffee recipes to try yourself.


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