• 1 aeropress

• 2 cold brew

• 3 french press • 4 v60  
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coffee - home recipes

recipe 1 • aeropress


1 kettle
(preferably temperature
1 grinder
1 thermometer
1 scales
1 decanting / serving Jug
1 Aeropress
1 Aeropress Filter

15g coffee ground to the
consistency of finely
cracked pepper
filtered water

15g coffee to 250ml water
per person



An incredibly versatile brewing device capable of producing excellent coffee to suit nearly all taste buds and a breeze to clean up after too.

Difficulty – Medium

Time: 6 minutes from bean to cup.

Yields: A medium bodied cup that unravels the complexity of well-roasted coffee.


1. Collect all of your equipment and ingredients.

2. Place Aeropress filter into the Aeropress cap, attach to the body of the Aeropress and place over decanting jug.

3. Pour about 200ml of near boiling water through the Aeropress to rinse the filter and pre heat the Aeropress and decanting jug.

4. Grind 15g coffee ground to the consistency of
cracked pepper.

5. Remove the cap from the body of the Aeropress and assemble the Aeropress inverted on the scales with the filter cap off (upside down).

6. Add ground coffee to the Aeropress and zero scales.

7. Add 230g of water at 85 degrees and start the timer the moment water comes in contact with the coffee.

8. Ensure all coffee grounds are wet.

9. Steep for 2 minutes with the lid off.

10. Attach filter and draw down on the Aeropress to create a vacuum (you should hear a low sucking sound). This will stop the water from going everywhere when it is flipped to plunge.

11. Flip the Aeropress onto the decanting jug and plunge for between 20 – 30 seconds stopping the plunge as soon as you hear a hissing sound.

12. Serve and enjoy!

Top tips.

Measure your ingredients including your water.

Use filtered water.

Allow the brew to cool for 2–3 minutes before tasting

Make sure you apply even and controlled pressure during the plunge to get a consistent extraction

Make sure you rinse the filter well other wise your brew will taste like paper.

If you get water coming through the sides of the filter during the plunge your grind might be too fine or you might be pushing too hard

The Aeropress is a very versatile brewing device. This recipe is a good starting point and there are lots of variables. Change water temperatures,
grind settings and steep times to find what you like.



• 1 aeropress

• 2 cold brew

• 3 french press • 4 v60  
click here to download a printable pdf of all our home recipes


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