Kaffeine at 66 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia opened in August 2009 with the idea to provide an Australian style café that focuses quite simply on excellent coffee, great food and hospitable service. The speciality coffee scene in London was just starting to kick off and since then, the Great Titchfield street store has been regarded by the media, public and industry as one of the leading cafes of its kind in the U.K., setting an example and a benchmark for all other cafes to follow.

Designed with professional service and efficiency in mind, as well as comfort, warmth and atmosphere, Great Titchfield Street serves espresso based coffees from the Synesso Cyncra Espresso machine, loose leaf teas by the Rare Tea Company and a small selection of English juices and Italian soft drinks, with a weekly changing food menu that is made on site each day by professional chefs, focusing on seasonal, fresh, market driven produce with some wonderful special baked treats available as well.

Running north from Oxford Street and located in what is now regarded as the heart of Fitzrovia, Kaffeine on Great Titchfield has helped to regenerate the local area, becoming a vibrant and happening part of London that is only 3 minutes walk from Oxford Circus.

Welcome to Kaffeine at 66 Great Titchfield Street. Discover it for yourself.



our coffee philosophy

At Kaffeine we have taken a lot of time and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide you with the perfect cup, each and every time. Below are the standards that we work to. If you ever feel that your coffee does not meet these standards, please do tell us.

Espresso Machine
We use the Synesso Cyncra espresso machine. Known as the holy grail of espresso machines, it is designed by former La Marzocco engineer Mark Barnett. The Synesso raises the bar on espresso machine design by an order of magnitude not known before. Please ask us about it.

Our choice for the all important espresso blend is the Robur E 110v doserless grinder. This is electronic dosing and grinding at its absolute best. It features a 900 watt motor with 71 mm conical burrs running at 500 rpm, dosing 22 grams in 3 seconds. It also has an integrated cooling fan and an electronic digital timer with programmable display, all at the touch of a button. Perfection.

Square Mile coffee is owned by the 2007 world barista champion, James Hoffman and the 2007 world cupping champion, Anette Moldvaer. They have a reputation for being one of the best coffee roasting companies in the world. We also profile a guest roaster from the UK, Europe or the Americas every weekend as well as sell their retail beans.

Cup Sizes
We have specifically chosen these cup sizes to reflect and respect the true flavours of the coffee. All our coffees are served as a double shot as a standard; that is approximately 50mls of espresso in each drink.

· Flat whites and Long Blacks are served in a 5 oz cup
· Cafe Latte are served in 7.7 oz glass
· Cappuccino, Americanos and Hot Chocolates are served in an 6 oz cup

Take away drinks are all served in the same above volumes but in an 8 oz cup

Our Baristas have at least three continuous years experience behind a professional espresso machine. They are continuously in pursuit of perfecting the art of espresso making.

We only ever use absolutely fresh, organic milk. We are using Bonsoy milk for soy drinkers.

Our machines, grinders and the surrounding work areas are always kept impeccably clean.

We drink and check the taste of our coffee ourselves. All the time.

If you have any questions or queries on how we make our coffee, or if you wish to watch while we do so and we are not too busy, we are more than happy to spend time with you, just ask.

We look forward to seeing you.


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