Possibly one of the hardest jobs in running a cafe there is....An explanation

No, it’s not being a chef, or being a barista, or being on service, though all of these positions are responsible for this, the hardest of jobs, it is not even a kitchen porter, who has probably...

Kaffeine Legend - Claire 'Brice' Brice - Manager

It’s taken me a long while to write this, for which I can only apologise to the subject of the post who I hope is reading this one day while she sips beers on the beach in Lennox Head, NSW Austr...

Eastcastle Street is One Year Old - March 2016

This week we celebrate the 1st birthday of Eastcastle street store. If you ever want an indication of how quickly time flies in London, this this is a perfect example. March the 9th we opened offici...

Guess who's back, Kaffeine's back - Renovations Complete

After a three week closure, (one for holidays and two for renovations), we are very proud and happy to say that our Great Titchfield street store is back open and ready to go. We have installed new...

The Importance of Balance - An Explanation

This is what I remember. It was perhaps early 2009 (but I cannot be sure), it was at Gwilym Davies’ coffee cart at Columbia Road Flower Market and one of the baristas was making coffee, again ...

Great Titchfield Street - Time for a facelift - Plans for Renovations

Six years is a long time in cafe life. Lots of wear and tear, heavy use. Day after day after day, after day. Every year at Christmas we used to give Great Titchfield a going over with the paint brus...

Remembering 30 years in Hospitality - A Career Indeed

It is 30 years since I started working in Hospitality, and so I thought I would document the ten year stages here. In one way, it is a lovely way for me to write about it, but I also hope that perha...

The guest espresso program and Shots Per Kilo (SPK's) - An Explanation

Quite a long while ago, one of our former superstar lead baristas came to me with the idea of running a guest espresso on the bar. This, they said, would be perfect for our baristas/staff to try dif...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown15 - The Finals

Barista v barista, 2 cups of double shot espresso, steam your own milk and split your jugs, then pour the two cups and choose your best one. No pressure.
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