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The Kaffeine Movies - Two short films showcasing what we are all about

A couple of films shot by Kess Bohan

Kaffeine Legend - Sam 'Boni' Boniface - Lead Barista

It has been a month since he left, in fact it took a while to get him to leave, as he kept coming back to cover shifts or to do more classes just after his actual real final day. He was meant to finis...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown16 - The Finals

I was nervous, so I assume the competitors were nervous too, but who knows? Some openly showed it, some admitted it, some just cruised in, had a few pints of lager and said ‘let’s do this&...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown16 - Round Four

It was the biggest crowd of the whole four weeks. There was seriously no more room at the inn as about 50 people crammed into Eastcastle street to watch the final heats and see who the final four woul...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown16 - Round Three

It was a bit of a late start on Friday as either people were running late or they were all at the pub next door getting beers in. However, just on 7:30 we had a full house again with people ramming in...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown16 - Round Two

Well we put all the beer in the fridge this time. There was no way were were gong to be caught out again. We weren’t, but we just had enough as over 60 people crammed into Eastcastle street or e...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown16 - Round One

So that was massive. The people cleared out, the room was empty and we went ‘wow, so that was amazing’. The biggest crowd ever to come to a smackdown at Kaffeine rammed into our Eastcastle...

London Latte Art Smackdown - #smackdown16 - Lead Up

It is back again, now for  the fourth year and as per last year, there are a massive 64 places available. The London Latte Art Smackdown, sponsored by Square Mile, Coffee Hit, Victoria Arduino, The L...

Kaffeine - The Guest Espresso Program rides again

Quite a long time ago, we started a guest espresso program on weekends, whereby we would take off decaf on our second grinder and order in and dial in a guest espresso from various roasters across the...

Should all customers be treated the same, or should all different customers be treated differently?

We are very lucky in that the majority of our customers are regulars, or become regulars, but we also attract other customers, the occasional tourist who is looking for coffee, or the occasional lost ...
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